Digital Camera Memory Card Picture Recovery

Lost precious photos from your camera memory card before you could transfer them??

A digital camera uses its memory card to store the photos, audios or videos taken using it. The memory card can be Compact Flash (CF), Secure Digital (SD), Multimedia card (MMC), XD picture card, smart card, mini or microSD card.
However, due to the increasing popularity of digital camera, it is obvious to lose photos from the memory card of the digital camera. The reason may be common human mistakes like accidentally deleting or formatting the memory card or improper usage of the digital camera.

Consider a scenario, where you were about to import the pictures of your family get together on last week and all of a sudden everything went wrong!!! To your amazement you are getting an error message like “Memory Card Full” while trying to access the memory card pictures!! You have no idea what went wrong with the memory card of your digital camera. You must be in the dilemma whether the lost photos are recoverable ever or not.

However, the most assured thing to know is that, the lost pictures from the memory card are retrievable. They are not gone forever. The reason behind such type of behavior of the memory card may be that the memory card has no free space i.e. the root directory is full. While taking the pictures you might have ignored the Memory Card Full message because of which the memory card got corrupted. Therefore, the lost photos will be there in the memory card even after memory card corruption. You can easily restore deleted data from digital camera memory card using a reliable Image file recovery tool.

Before you get to know more about Image file recovery tool, you should definitely go though some frequent reasons behind image loss from digital camera memory card. A brief idea about these scenarios will help you in avoiding image loss in future.

  • Improper Device Handling: Photos from digital camera memory card can be lost due to improper usage of the memory card or the digital camera. Pulling the memory card abruptly from the digital camera or the card reader, clicking images while the camera is low on battery, continuous clicking of images through the digital camera, using the same memory card in different devices can result in memory card corruption.
  • Accidental Image deletion: Pictures from the memory card can be accidentally deleted by the user. Selecting “Delete All” or “Format” option while previewing the images in the camera leads to image loss. 
  • Interrupted Transfer Process: Any interruption while downloading / transferring the images from the camera to the hard drive of the computer, also results in image loss. The transfer process may be interrupted by sudden power failure, accidental camera turn off or system shut down.

To prevent permanently loss of the memory card photos, do not use the memory card further after the photos are lost. Do not install any software on the memory card. You can efficiently use the file recovery software to restore videos deleted from the hard drive of your computer, memory card or any other external drives. Sometimes you might delete files from Android internal memory. In such situation, you can use deleted file recovery software for Android.

Some prominent features of the Image file recovery software include recovery of Kingston SD card deleted MP3 files, photos and video files. The software is specially designed with powerful algorithms to retrieve deleted files from Dell LaptopIt can also perform deleted data recovery on SanDisk Pen drive, hard drives, memory cards, USB external drives etc. The software successfully restores deleted media files like photos, audios and videos from digital camera memory card, camcorders, iPods etc. This application enables you to perform deleted picture recovery in order to get back JPEG, GIF, JPG, TIFF, BMP and PNG image file formats deleted from any storage device.

The few useful steps, using which you can easily recover pictures from digital camera memory card are described below:

  1. Connect the memory card to the computer and install the demo version of image file recovery tool on its hard drive. After successful installation, click on “Recover Photos” from the main screen. From the next window select any of the option depending on your image loss scenario.
  2. Restore Deleted Data - Main Screen

  3. After that select the memory card as the logical drive and select “Next” option to start the image recovery process. After the recovery process completes, you can view all the pictures restored from the memory card of the digital camera.

Restore Deleted Data - View Recovered Data

To avoid such image loss in the future, you should regularly backup the precious digital camera pictures. Make proper usage of the digital camera as well as the memory card. Try not to use the digital camera when it is low on battery.

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