How to Restore Data Deleted from Dell Laptop

Do you want to retrieve deleted data from your Dell Laptop???

Dell laptops have earned fame worldwide due to their lucrative features and functionalities. They have every feature that a desktop has along with portable convenience and miniature size. They provide you with praiseworthy wide screen display with high screen resolution and maximum battery backup. Besides, all these attractive features, still Dell laptop users face the data loss scenario more often as the desktop users.

Deleting important data from your laptop means losing hours of hard work. It must have been very shocking for you when you realized that the data which you really need has just been emptied from the Recycle Bin folder of your Dell laptop!!! No one else than you yourself have done all these. You must have blamed yourself for not taking backup of those deleted data. You must be pondering over the common belief that there is no way now you can get back the deleted data from your laptop.

However, you can bring back deleted data from your Dell laptop even after they are deleted from the Recycle Bin. Let me make this crystal clear to you that, the files deleted from the hard drive remain in the hard drive occupying the same memory space. Only the access pointers to those files are removed and the memory space is declared as free due to deletion. Chances of recovering the deleted files exist as long as some new data are written into that memory space. Therefore, it will be wise enough to retrieve deleted file using suitable data recovery software as soon as possible. In addition, you can employ this tool to rescue deleted data from Trash Bin on Mac computers.

Other than Windows, it is possible to restore deleted data on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion machines by using this tool. However, other than the above case, there exist few other cases of file deletion from laptop hard drive. Just have a look at them in order to avoid such scenarios in the future.

  • Due to User Mistakes: Important data from you Dell laptop can be deleted unintentionally by the user. Deleting wrong data instead of any other data using Shift + Delete key combination leads to important data loss is one of such case. Other than that accidentally emptying the Recycle Bin folder also deletes important files from the laptop hard drive.
  • Files bypassing Recycle Bin: Generally, files deleted using Delete option are stored in the Recycle Bin folder on Windows operating system. However, deleted files may bypass the Recycle Bin folder due to lack of free space in the Recycle Bin. Thus, the data gets deleted from Recycle Bin without the user's knowledge.
  • Due to Anti-virus scanning program: Antivirus programs are used in order to make the hard drive virus free. However, some data may be deleted by the Antivirus scanner itself. In such case, data might be severely infected and could not be fixed by the Antivirus program.

To avoid permanent loss of the deleted data, it is strongly recommended not to use the Dell laptop hard drive right after data deletion.

You can retrieve deleted data from your Dell laptop using data recovery software. The software is capable enough to recover shift deleted files and also restores data lost due to any of the above scenario. It allows you to restore deleted music files from Kingston SD card after accidental deletion. The software possesses powerful scanning algorithm to search and retrieve deleted photos from digital cameras, iPods, camcorders etc. It can even restore deleted files from SanDisk pen drive, USB external drives, memory cards etc. The software enables you to retrieve deleted data both on Windows and Mac OS X.

You will be able recover the deleted data from your Dell Laptop using the following steps:

Step-1: Download and Install demo version of data recovery software on any other healthy computer’s hard drive. Connect the dell laptop hard drive to that computer. After successful installation of the software select “Recover Files” from the main screen. After that choose “Recover Deleted Files” from the next screen.

Restore Deleted Data - Main Screen

Step-2: Select the Dell laptop hard drive as the logical hard drive and click on “Next” to initiate the deleted data recovery process. Upon successful completion of data recovery process you can view the recovered data from the laptop hard drive.

Restore Deleted Data - View Recovered Data

However, you can always avoid data loss from your laptop’s hard drive by taking regular backup of your important data. Avoid using Shift + Delete key combination to delete files from your hard drive.

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