How to Recover Deleted Data on Mac

How Do You Recover Deleted Files on Mac OS X Machine???

Macintosh computers are the world's best innovative computers manufactured by Apple with high graphics, attractive looks and multimedia features. Mac systems are widely used for education, office and personal purposes to carry out different tasks in a well-organized way. Mac computers have also modernized the entertainment field, as it feels great to play games, movies and viewing pictures on them. Mac OS X is an operating system, which specially developed for Macintosh series of computers on UNIX platform. Mac systems do not get affected by viruses or other external threats and therefore found be safer than Windows computers.

Though secure, losing data from Mac is an unavoidable problem witnessed by users all around the world. It can be due to human blunders or incorrect handling. Earlier once you delete the files from your Mac computer, they used to get permanently deleted with no hope of return. However, now you don’t have to worry much!!! Several file recovery tools are invented in recent years to rescue your valuable data when it gets deleted or lost from Mac hard disk. You can opt for the perfect Mac data recovery software to get back deleted data from Mac hard drive. This tool uses powerful algorithms to scan the entire Mac HDD sector by sector to locate and retrieve files after accidental or intentional deletion. After the data recovery process, it displays recovered files on its Mac finder styled interface.

The most common issue is the accidental deletion of files by user itself. While working on Macintosh you might unintentionally delete files and folders using “Command+Delete” keys and regret for your act. You can also delete important files while erasing unimportant files from hard drive without checking them in a hurry or carelessness. In addition, using third party tools on Mac to carry out some specific tasks can lead to deletion of files from Mac computer before you realize it. Deleted data could be very vital for you, as it can be your business files, personal photos, videos or documents.

Deleting files from Mac Trash without verifying for important files, abrupt system shutdown and power failures while accessing Mac data can lead to deletion of data. Other than hard drive data, you can delete files from external storage drives when connected to Mac for file transfer or data access. Data deleted due to all previously mentioned causes, bypasses Mac Trash and hence get lost from Mac hard drive leading to data loss. When you suffer from deletion of data, you can go for restoring deleted data using Mac data recovery software. Other than Mac desktop systems, you can perform data recovery from DELL laptop hard drive. Mac data recovery supports file recovery from Seagate, Western Digital, Fujitsu, Samsung, Toshiba, Iomega, Buffalo and famous hard drives used in Mac computers.

Advantages of using Mac data recovery software

  • Recover deleted, lost or missing files from Mac hard drive using their unique file signatures.
  • You can get back files after files bypassing Mac Trash or accidentally emptying Trash on Mac
  • Supports file recovery from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 volumes on the Mac hard disk drive
  • There is Find tool option to help you in identifying a particular file from recovered data list by specifying their file types
  • Mac data recovery will let you to successfully restore SATA, SCSI and IDE hard drives and external hard drives on Mac computers
  • This undelete Mac tool had potential to retrieve deleted data from SanDisk pen drive and can even get back deleted media files from memory cards and iPods on Mac machines installed with any of Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion
  • You can use the Windows version of this software to undelete files from USB drive, hard drives and external hard disks on Windows Vista, XP, 7, Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

You will be able restore deleted files from your Mac computer by the following steps as explained below:

Step-1: Download and Install demo version of Mac data recovery software on any other healthy computer’s hard drive. Connect the Mac hard drive to that computer. After successful installation of the software select “Recover Files” from the main screen. After that choose “Recover Deleted Files” from the next screen.

Welcome Screen

Step-2: Select the Mac hard drive as the logical hard drive and click on “Next” to initiate the deleted data recovery process. Once the scan process is finished you will get list of recovered files.

Volume Selection

Step-3: Upon successful completion of data recovery process you can view the recovered data from the Mac hard drive under hierarchical tree structure.

Recovered Files

However, you can always avoid deletion or loss of data from your Macintosh hard drive by taking regular backup of your important files. Do not use Command+ Delete key combination to delete files from your Mac hard drive.

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