Recover Music Deleted from Kingston SD Card

Deleted your favorite music files from Kingston SD card mistakenly?

You were just trying to remove some unwanted files from your Kingston SD card and then you realized that you have deleted the wrong set of files!!! Your favorite music files are gone!!! You have just deleted them inadvertently by yourself. You must have cursed yourself for doing so, but what’s next???

However, there is no use of just sitting idle and cursing yourself. Now, you must be wondering whether it is possible to get back those deleted music files or not.

Though the answer you must be thinking is no but the actual answer is yes. Therefore, there is no need to be panicked!!!!! You can easily restore the deleted music files from the SD card. This is because; the deleted files will be there in the SD card unless the memory space occupied by them is not overwritten with some new data. Therefore, you can easily retrieve those deleted files using any reliable deleted file recovery tool.

Kingston SD card is an excellent alternative as far as data transfer and backup is concerned. It is mainly popular for higher storage capacity and high transfer rate what basically the users need. Besides, all these advantageous features, the SD cards are still not free from data loss issues. Files can be deleted from the Kingston SD card in various different ways. Some of the leading factors are described below so that you can avoid occurrence of such scenarios in future.

  • Human Errors: As mentioned above files can be deleted from the SD card mistakenly by the user. Selecting wrong files and deleting them instead of any other files from the SD card when it is connected to the computer is one example of accidental deletion. Music files from SD card can also be deleted from various devices like mobiles, digital camera, PDA etc due to user mistakes.
  • Third Party Software: Music files from SD cards may be removed by any unreliable third party utility. The third party software may interfere with the files transfer process between the SD card and the hard drive of the computer and may result in file deletion. 
  • Exceeding memory card limit: If the SD card is subjected to its extreme condition i.e., when the files are stored in the SD card beyond its memory capacity. In such cases, the music files may get deleted from the SD card.

Considering the above music file deletion case, it is very important to take care of the following facts right after the files deletion.

  • Do not use the SD card after the music files are deleted. This will decrease the chances of permanent loss of the deleted music files.
  • Do not install the deleted file recovery tool on the SD card. Install it on the hard drive of your computer. Then just connect the memory card to the computer during the deleted file recovery.

After taking all these required precautions you should be familiar with the exclusive features of deleted file recovery software. The software is extremely simple and easy to use. It provides and intuitive yet effective graphical user interface to carry out the file restore process. It can recover deleted data from Dell Laptop even after accidental formatting. The software allows you to restore picture from digital camera memory card including SD cards, SDHC, SDXC, CF and many more. It can effective retrieve deleted files from pen drive, hard drive, USB external drive, FireWire drives etc. on Windows and Mac OS X.

You can easily restore deleted files from Kingston SD card using few easy steps which are discussed below:

Step-1: Download and install the demo version of file recovery tool in your computer’s hard drive. After successful installation select “Recover Files”. Then select “Recover Deleted Files” from the next Windows.

Restore Deleted Data - Main Screen

Step-2: After that select the Kingston SD card as the logical drive and click on “Next” to start the file recovery process. Once the file recovery process is over, you can view all the music files restored from the SD card.

Restore Deleted Data - View Recovered Data

Even after you have recovered the deleted music files from the SD card successfully, you should be aware enough to avoid file deletion in the future.

Therefore, the best practice to avoid data loss is to backup your important music files so that you can restore them from the backup files if they are deleted / lost in the future.

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