SanDisk Pen Drive Deleted Data Recovery

Need to restore files deleted from your SanDisk pen drive???

The SanDisk pen drive is an ideal device for fast and simple data transfer. It provides high storage capacity, maximum data transfer rate as well as is easy to carry with. However, a Pen drive often brings unpredictable risks along with fabulous features and great convenience.

Pen drives are usually used to store and transfer important data, but what happens when those important files are deleted just because of your silly mistake??? Instead of transferring some important files from the SanDisk pen drive to the hard drive of your computer, you inadvertently deleted those files!!! It must have taken hardly a few seconds to delete the precious files from your Kingston Pen drive. By the time you realized this, the files are gone from your pen drive!!! You must have been even more frustrated when you could not find those files even in the Recycle Bin folder.

At this point of time, what will be your reaction if I tell you that the files deleted from the SanDisk pen drive can still be recovered? I am sure you won’t belief me at the first instant!! You must be wondering how you can recover the deleted files that are even not available in the Recycle Bin. The fact is that, there is no specific Recycle Bin folder for externally connected devices. That is why the files deleted from pen drive are not there in the Recycle Bin of your computer. However, the deleted files are still intact to the pen drive even after deletion. Only the memory space occupied by the deleted files is declared as free space due to deletion.

Therefore, it is quite possible to retrieve those deleted files even after accidental deletion. To retrieve deleted data from SanDisk pen drive you will need reliable software like Data Recovery Tool.

Before you get to know more about the Data Recovery procedure, it will be beneficial for you to know some other factors responsible for data loss from pen drive.

  • Data from SanDisk pen drive can be deleted or lost due to virus attack. Virus can corrupt the entire pen drive making the data inaccessible to the user. Using the same pen drive in different computers makes the pen drive virus infected.
  • Files from pen drive can also be deleted by third party software like Antivirus scanning program. If the files are severely infected and cannot be fixed by the Antivirus scanner, then it will simply delete those files off the pen drive. In such situation you need to do deleted data file recovery to get back deleted files from pen drive.
  • The files can also be lost due to interrupted transfer process. File transfer between pen drive and hard drive of the computer can be interrupted by sudden power failure, accidental system shut down, abrupt removal of the pen drive etc.  

To increase the deleted file recovery chances, stop using the pen drive right after the files are deleted from it. You should not save any files or install any software on the pen drive before the deleted files are retrieved.

The simple yet effective features of this software, which will help you in restoring deleted files from the pen drive, are as follows:

The software allows you to perform deleted music file recovery on Kingston SD card after accidental deletion or formatting. Using this software you will be able to know how to recover files deleted from Dell Laptop by using Shift + Delete keys. It will enable you in executing deleted image recovery on digital camera memory card, iPods, digital camcorders etc. The application is very efficient to restore deleted files on both Windows and Mac OS X. Other than data recovery it works well in video recovery also from external and internal hard drives, it also supports deleted data recovery from USB external drives, FireWire drives and more storage devices. Make a click on to restore deleted data from portable hard drive.

You can quickly retrieve the deleted files from the SanDisk pen drive using the following easy steps:

Step-1: Download and install the demo version of deleted file recovery tool on the hard drive of your computer with the pen drive connected to it. After successful installation select “Recover Files” option from the main screen. After that, select “Recover Deleted Files” option from the next windows.

Restore Deleted Data - Main Screen

Step-2: Then select the connected pen drive as the logical drive and click on “Next” to start the file recovery process. Upon successful completion of deleted file recovery, you will be able to view all the files recovered from your SanDisk pen drive.

Restore Deleted Data - View Recovered Data

 Even after you successfully retrieved the deleted data from SanDisk pen drive, you should try to avoid such type of data loss scenarios in future. After all "Prevention is better than cure". Therefore, backup your important data on regular interval. Try to make proper use of the pen drive as far as possible in order to avoid accidental deletion of data.

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